. . . celebrating the pain . . .

It has been two months since I have written.  Is it because there is nothing to say?  Or perhaps my day hours have been filled with grand and glorious tasks for others, and there is no time or energy for writing.   I know there are bloggers who develop a business on line and yearly earn thousands of dollars–even millions!  They are consistent, generous with gifts and offer something to sell.

I am not one of those.  I am surely not consistent 🙂

I can only share my heart. A part of  life, and today, I share the pain. I have deliberately kept silent as to not be vulnerable.  T.D. Jakes says, “why do we work so hard to not be vulnerable?”   He adds that we spend so much time and energy getting ready for tomorrow while disguising ourselves in the present. Why do we hide who we are and how we are breaking?

And too often we cry alone. . . (how thankful I am to share tears with Tom.)

. . . celebrate the pain . . .

Wow.  Now, that’s a novel verb for this situation in which we find ourselves.  Who would give anyone advice like that?  I found the following poem recently while preparing a study on David celebrating before the Lord when the ark had been moved to Jerusalem. (2 Samuel 6)

“Live in the now with all its problems and its agonies, with its joy and its pain. Celebrate your pain, your despair, your anger.  It means you’re alive. . .”  Clyde Reid, Celebrate the Temporary.   The entire poem is attached at the end.

I have never thought of celebrating pain. Have you? Celebrations are fun, happy  occasions.  They are parties, full of joy. Of more than a hundred synonyms  associated with celebrate, the majority are defined with praise. Is it possible to praise this season of pain?

Lately, I keep myself sheltered within a safe place. It’s easier. But oh, what I have missed.

. . . the Now of life.  When I cannot embrace this season of pain,  I have missed many now moments.  If I am numb to the pain, then I am also numb to the tiniest moment of joy.

Why are we so afraid to share our breaking hearts? We all have them. Or we will. Life happens, and we cry. We would rather read about happy events;  let’s ignore the pain. I encourage you to share your heart ache with another or listen quietly as they share theirs. May I add, don’t give advice–give yourself.

Today I will celebrate–the reality that I hurt. The fact that I am alive.  And I celebrate the Lord Jesus who gives life and joy in this season.  I can choose to embrace the pain while praising the One who is still in control, who whispers His love in the darkness.

“My mouth will speak in praise of the Lord. Let every creature praise his holy name for ever and ever.” Psalm 145: 21

I dare not miss a moment of the NOW. . .

Celebrate the temporary

Don’t wait until tomorrow, live today

Celebrate the simple things

Enjoy the butterfly, embrace the snow

Run with the ocean, delight in the trees

Or a single lonely flower

Go barefoot in the wet grass

Don’t wait until all the problems are solved

Or all the bills are paid. You will wait forever

Eternity will come and go and you will still be waiting

Live in the now with all its problems and its agonies

With its joy and its pain

Celebrate your pain, your despair

 your anger,

It means you’re alive. Look closer,

Breathe deeper, stand taller

Stop grieving the past- there is joy and beauty


It is temporary here now and gone

So celebrate it while you can

Celebrate the temporary

From Celebrate the Temporary by Clyde Reid


About oct17

The little girl in me loves bird watching, butterflies, sunrises, sunsets, walks in the rain; the adult I am enjoys the same. I sense God's awesomeness in all of life--what wonder there is in slicing a leek or cutting open a pomegranate. I have many favorite things--a formation of Canadian geese flying overhead, the giggles of my grand daughters, the first ripe watermelon in summer, snowflakes on my face--these gifts from my heavenly Father delight me continually.
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7 Responses to . . . celebrating the pain . . .

  1. Jan Pirtle says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart today, Barb. It seems that pain will take us to our knees in search for our Heavenly Helper sooner than fun times.


  2. Karen stevens says:

    So true Barb! Thankful that even when dealing with pain and turmoil in our lives, God still gives us joy in Him and hope for the future! Praying for you! 💖


  3. Etta says:

    Thank you for those words, Barb. It gave me much food for thought.


  4. Kathy Ryan says:

    Barb, it’s surprising to me how often your messages are exactly what I need to hear. Thank you😍


  5. Glenda Ferguson says:

    Barb, This was my devotion yesterday and today, I know will help you as it does me:
    Open Your Hands and your Heart to receive this day as a precious gift from Me. I begin each day with a sun rise, announcing My radiant Presence. By the time you rise from your bed, I have already prepared the way before you. I eagerly await your first conscious thought. I rejoice when you glance My way.
    Bring Me the gift of thanksgiving, which opens your heart to rich communion with Me. Because I am God, from whom all blessings flow, thankfulness is the best way to draw near Me. Sing praise songs to Me, tell of My wondrous works. Remember that I take great delight in you; I rejoice over you with singing.
    Stay calmly conscious of Me today, no matter what. Remember that I go before you as well as with you into the day. Nothing takes Me by surprise. I will not allow circumstances to overwhelm you, so long as you look to Me. I will help you cope with whatever the moment presents. Collaborating with Me brings blessings that far outweigh all your troubles. Awareness of My Presence contains Joy that can endure all eventualities.

    It is hard to give praise when everything around us seems to be falling apart, but when we praise Him no matter what, He sees us through the good and the bad times in life. Thankfulness is the best way to draw near to Him for He takes great delight in us in and through every situation in our lives. I’m praying for you and Tom through this difficult season in your lives as we have been where you are and it does hurt deeply. You are in my prayers my friends.

    Phil 4:6 Be anxious (pray for everything) for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving (thanking in advance) let your request be made known to God.
    This is the verse I cling to no matter what life brings my way.

    Love and prayers, Glenda


  6. Deb Mills says:

    I’m so thrilled every time you write. You bless us all. My heart aches to think of you in pain. Maybe all through your life, it has kept the soil of your heart so turned over, so soft toward the pain of others. I certainly have experienced the mercy of your love and heart. You have always reflected Jesus to me.Praying for delight in this morning. Thanks for writing. Love you and miss you. Debbie


  7. Mary Ann Elmore says:

    As I read your message, the words of a recent WOW (Worship on Wednesday) Bible study once again came to my memory. Lamentations 3:22-23: “Through the LORD’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.”
    1. Every day God appoints a measure of pain and pleasure. Each day has its own troubles.
    2. There is fresh mercy from God for each day’s pain. Today’s mercies are not for tomorrow’s pain.
    What about tomorrow? New mercies needed tomorrow will come tomorrow.
    Comforting words from hymns “Great is Thy Faithfulness” and “Day by Day” sound in my mind.
    Also, I Peter 5:7, “casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.”
    Keeping you and your family in prayer. May you experience the Lord’s presence and comfort as you “celebrate the pain”. Thank you for sharing.


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