About this wanderer. . .

I am awed and thankful you are here on this page. I welcome you to join me on an incredible journey to NOW. I have been walking these trails a very long time… long enough to know better! I have been a Pollyanna most of my life… you know, always thinking life is wonderful, or it will be soon.

But I have learned–am learning daily, ‘wonderful’ cannot always be the outcome. What I do know… life is lived in the moments, and I can choose the lessons learned in those moments. I blog of spiritual truths I see in the mundane. Birds, butterflies, weeds, rain, storms–lessons of everyday — reveal truths of God and how I am to live and love. I relate those to the NOW of life.

I also write of secrets in marriage, and our union has been a long one! Tom and I will celebrate fifty-seven years in March, 2021. There are times I wish we could do a ‘make-over’– to iron the mistakes, to delete the tears. But that is not a privilege of life, is it? Tears, pain, forgiveness mar and mark the canvas into a beautiful piece of art. My hope is to share our painting with you.

I promise to share something with you once a month–more often, if possible. I would love for you to subscribe to my blog–ajourneytonow.me Just click ‘follow’ on the site. And let’s see what can happen on your journey . . .

Whispers on the Journey, a practical guide using the ABCs in prayer and praise is available on Amazon.com since August 2020. This is a method I have used for years, and I am so happy to share it with you.

Currently I am working on a book about childhood sexual abuse. It will include my story and the stories of others. It is estimated there are 60 million men and women who are living today with past abuse.Of that number, the majority have never told anyone. This book promises hope as each person reveals how they faced the past, shared with others and received love to overcome the negative scars. If you are one of the 60 million, will you allow me to use your story? Names will not be used unless you choose to. Contact me at barb.suiter@gmail.com

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