About this wanderer. . .

I am awed and thankful that you are here on this page. I welcome you to join me on an incredible journey to NOW. I have been walking these trails a very long time–long enough to know better! I have been a Pollyanna most of my life–. you know, always thinking life is wonderful, or it will be soon.

But I have learned–am learning daily, that ‘wonderful’ cannot always be the outcome. What I do know is that life is lived out in the moments, and I can choose the lessons learned in those moments. I blog of spiritual truths I see in the mundanes. Birds, butterflies, weeds, rain, storms–lessons of everyday — reveal truths of God and how I am to live and love. I relate those to the NOW of life.

I also write of secrets in marriage, and our union has been a long one! Tom and I celebrated fifty-five years in March, 2019. There are times I wish we could do a ‘make-over’– to iron the mistakes, to delete the tears. But that is not a privilege of life, is it? Tears, pain, forgiveness mar and mark the canvas into a beautiful piece of art. My hope is to share our painting with you.

I promise to share something with you once a month–more often, if possible. I would love for you to subscribe to my blog–ajourneytonow.me. Just click ‘follow’ on the site. And let’s see what can happen on your journey . . .

You may enjoy the blog entry dated March 15, 2019 . . .in the storm. . . click search