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More color . . .

I wish you could  have seen the picture from my office window yesterday. There was no shortage of color on the grey, bleak, frigid day.  The reds and blues kept me smiling . . . Hundreds of black birds and grackles with sleek dark blue heads monopolized the feeders … Continue reading

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Fifty Years of Color . . .

Imagine a world with no color–all grey.  How depressing.  Who delights in a cloudy, dreary grey day?  Or loves the color of ash or enjoys the coldness of a slab of lead? Wikipedia identifies grey as literally a color “without … Continue reading

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hold on . . .

Strong winds are blowing this morning. Spitting snow bites the gusty wind. I smile–happy and secure in a warm house, snuggling deeper into my soft cotton throw. But life goes on outside in the bitter cold. The thistle seed sock … Continue reading

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