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an apology is in order

To those on the journey to NOW with me, I apologize for the inconvenience of yesterday’s blog. You, no doubt, received 2 posts— two and an half hours apart.  Our internet service was totally unpredictable and sporadic yesterday; I should … Continue reading

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. . . with the ABC’s

“Please post that on your blog,” my friend urged. I had shared with her that I have walked for decades using the ABC’s as a discipline and focus in the mornings, while ironing Tom’s shirts or when engaged in other … Continue reading

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a valentine for you . . . just you . . .

I remember spending hours as a fifth grader sorting through those little packs of Valentine cards, choosing just the right one for a special class mate. It was a long, arduous process.  I had to make sure the card said … Continue reading

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. . .beside quiet waters. . .

Sometimes I forget.  Maybe you do, too.  Then it’s time to soak  in the depth of a quiet waters’ morning.  This week has been a ‘quiet waters’ week; a time to be restored and healed from too many  disasters worldwide, … Continue reading

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. . .lingering in the moments. . .

. . . like Wednesday morning of this week. An almost perfect early hour at breakfast.  You know- one of those “rare days in June” (James Russell Lowell) except this is August.  Deep blue skies, gentle cool breezes causing the … Continue reading

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choose happy. . . (maybe, perhaps)

Two weeks ago. . . I began my blog . . . “Blueberries make me happy,”  I smiled as I popped several in my mouth while preparing breakfast.  They are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals—all things beneficial.  I am amazed … Continue reading

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wear your love . . .

Where have I been? –my last blog was three months ago. I missed being in touch with you at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Celebrating? 70 years in October must have caused such consternation, contemplation, rumination, introspection, retrospection–all those -ation … Continue reading

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