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. . . with the ABC’s

“Please post that on your blog,” my friend urged. I had shared with her that I have walked for decades using the ABC’s as a discipline and focus in the mornings, while ironing Tom’s shirts or when engaged in other … Continue reading

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a valentine for you . . . just you . . .

I remember spending hours as a fifth grader sorting through those little packs of Valentine cards, choosing just the right one for a special class mate. It was a long, arduous process.  I had to make sure the card said … Continue reading

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. . .beside quiet waters. . .

Sometimes I forget.  Maybe you do, too.  Then it’s time to soak  in the depth of a quiet waters’ morning.  This week has been a ‘quiet waters’ week; a time to be restored and healed from too many  disasters worldwide, … Continue reading

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. . .lingering in the moments. . .

. . . like Wednesday morning of this week. An almost perfect early hour at breakfast.  You know- one of those “rare days in June” (James Russell Lowell) except this is August.  Deep blue skies, gentle cool breezes causing the … Continue reading

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choose happy. . . (maybe, perhaps)

Two weeks ago. . . I began my blog . . . “Blueberries make me happy,”  I smiled as I popped several in my mouth while preparing breakfast.  They are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals—all things beneficial.  I am amazed … Continue reading

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wear your love . . .

Where have I been? –my last blog was three months ago. I missed being in touch with you at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Celebrating? 70 years in October must have caused such consternation, contemplation, rumination, introspection, retrospection–all those -ation … Continue reading

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overflowing . . .

Today is another cloudy, gray day in Lebanon, Tennessee.  The grass is as green as Ireland now due to the downpours in the last few days.  But before the rains came, the garden was brittle and brown; inch-wide cracks opened in the yard.  We watched every black … Continue reading

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