To see – or not to see. . .

Mirror, mirror on the wall, do you see me when I laugh . . .?

I have been rehearsing this blog for days–and was going to share thoughts on focus when wearing glasses. I have noticed it takes me much longer cleaning the kitchen when I wear my glasses–much longer. I “see” more dirt left behind than I saw without glasses. Those smudges, smears and spots go unnoticed when I “clean” –even fiercely, without proper lens.

But—I lost my glasses yesterday at the grocery store. Retracing my steps, searching shelves and checkouts without success–I am somewhat “seeing” challenged.

This morning, I sit here at the computer screen thinking not of glasses, but of Robin Williams. Last evening, news quickly touched us all concerning his death. Once noted as the funniest man alive– today, Williams is dead. Media glimpses a life filled with depression and addiction.

Through drugstore ‘readers'(what Americans call cheap glasses just for reading), I look deeply into those blue eyes staring back at me. Hundreds of images on the web from Williams’ movies, interviews, live shows reveal the struggle if you look intently, soberly–

in the eyes.

I see a childlike innocence, a gentle asking –“someone tell me what life is all about? Is it more than laughter? Have I missed something?”

I loved his gentleness, his kind heart depicted in Patch Adams. Seeing past the scenes, we get a peek into the comedian’s heart. In hindsight, we may have discerned his questions- those he wrestled with if we had noticed. Williams made us all laugh–

while he was crying.

A few pictures among the many feature him in glasses. But the eyes still depict sadness–the glasses didn’t help. Williams allowed us to see into his troubled life as he openly admitted his struggles through the years.

The psalmist David cried often to his God, “I am worn out calling for help; my throat is parched. My eyes fail, looking for my God.” Psalm 69: 3

Even though I have lost my glasses, I pray I have clear perception to focus on those around me who may be crying–not with noticeable tears, but with tears hidden beneath the laughter.

20-20 vision. That’s what I desire on this journey–to see with His eyes.

(I just may blog on glasses and focus next week.)

About oct17

The little girl in me loves bird watching, butterflies, sunrises, sunsets, walks in the rain; the adult I am enjoys the same. I sense God's awesomeness in all of life--what wonder there is in slicing a leek or cutting open a pomegranate. I have many favorite things--a formation of Canadian geese flying overhead, the giggles of my grand daughters, the first ripe watermelon in summer, snowflakes on my face--these gifts from my heavenly Father delight me continually.
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2 Responses to To see – or not to see. . .

  1. Glenda Ferguson says:

    Barb, You always give me something to think about or something to learn. I had cataract surgery last Thursday (week ago) and having the other eye done next Thursday, 8/21. This has truly been a challenge trying now to see up close. Yes I hope to come out with 20-20 vision but more than that just like you said, to see with His eyes. God is so good to me and yet I’m afraid that many times I miss out on exactly what He wants me to see. I look so forward for your blog because you help me see things that I miss and I admire the talent God has given you and that you are using this talent to His glory. I love you my sister in Christ and can’t wait till the next blog. Glenda


  2. oct17 says:

    Thank you, Glenda. I will be praying for complete vision recovery – with your eyes and His eyes. I appreciate your comments and your insight. I enjoy writing for you! And I pray the Lord always gives me eyes to see what I must put into words.


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