About this wanderer

I run, run hard—bold, unafraid, yet softly, awestruck–like a  child running into the arms of strong Father who has the power to crush delicate flesh–but finding only gentleness, understanding and security.

I am passionate about marriage–the absolute amazing gift we have been given by a God who loves us so.  Tom and I are beginning our fifty second year–yes, 52 years.  I find that so hard to believe as I think I am only about 35 years old!!  One of our favorite sayings is –“time flies when you are having fun.”  Marriage is hard work, and ours has had its troubles, just as all marriage relationships do.   I commit to blog more concerning this union that glorifies our Creator.

This is my journey to Now–and everyday is now.

I do not want to miss the joy in seeing my Father’s provision and sensing his presence in the daily miracles of the moment.

Join me –it is not unlike your journey.

4 Responses to About this wanderer

  1. Sherri Nelson says:

    I subscribed!! And read your second post to Mom and David’s kids outloud. 🙂 We are enjoying sunshine in Spokane – me more, because I have been so cold since I got home from China. I will try to help Mom get it figured out, but I think she will have to get Dad to subscribe, and then hopefully he will get her all of the updates. Blessings!! Sherri 🙂

    • oct17 says:

      Thank you, Sherri. It has been great keeping up with you through your mom these past months since I came back. Can you put me back on your newsletter list? I am so very proud of you!

  2. How lovely to read through your thoughts and your pen. Happy Blogging, darling Barb!

  3. Lori Harvey says:

    Joy is awesome and I believe our biggest job here on this earth. When we are happy and filled with God’s love all else can be repaired and a become blessing to our lives here on earth.

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